What A Weekend It Was for British Sports! Let’s Take a Look Back at This Historic Weekend.

From motorsport, to tennis, rugby, to football, what a weekend it has been for the country! We cannot start this article off without saying what a nail-biting football game we all experienced on Saturday evening. Let’s take a look at what went down.

England are officially in the semi-finals of the UEFA European Championships! After a tedious game between England and Switzerland, the nation was ecstatic to see those successful penalties scored.

Ending the game 1-1 with 5-3 on penalties to us, it is safe to say that we were on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Although the squad’s strategies have been questionable from game to game, that championship win is on the horizon.

Is it coming home? Make sure to stay tuned until next week when we cover that winning moment of the Euros 2024.

Next up, racing. Now, it has been a jam-packed weekend for all of the sports lovers out there, let’s see what everyone got up to at the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit.

What a roller coaster of emotions it was over the weekend at Silverstone. The one and only track champion, Lewis Hamilton took P1 and brought it home! After losing out on that number one spot since 2021, this was a monumental moment for Mercedes. Not only did Lewis take the long-awaited win, but it was also his last home race with Mercedes before his shock move to Scuderia Ferrari.

Let’s look at the podium for the British Grand Prix 2024:

1st: Lewis Hamilton, 44

2nd: Max Verstappen, 1

3rd: Lando Norris, 4

It was the first time that we saw an all-British home qualifying result since 1962. However, this the first time in Formula 1 history that we have had an all-British top three qualifying result at the Silverstone track.

We are also getting closer to the Summer Olympic Games! It’s going to be such an exciting summer for those in Paris. With only a matter of days to go, we cannot wait to see what our world-class athletes have in store for us.

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