Is It the End of The Verstappen-Norris Bromance?

Will Southgate Be Sacked at the End of This Year’s Euros? It’s Time for Our Weekly Sports Update!

We are one week away from the grand finale of the 2024 European Football Championship! On Sunday afternoon, while the England football team definitely experienced a miracle, it was chaos over in Austria at the Grand Prix. Let’s take a look at the last week within the sporting world.


Let’s get you right up to speed with this week’s football. It’s time to recap back to Sunday’s England game. England went head-to-head with Slovakia and wow, what a game it was! Although they didn’t pull it out of the bag until the extra time, the nation is thrilled with the outcome. The score stood at 1-0 to Slovakia from the 20th minute until Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane blessed us all with 2 goals, leaving the game at 2-1 to England. This was a miracle and something we didn’t see coming.

The next England game will take place on Saturday 6th July, and they will compete against Switzerland to fight for that spot in the Semi-Finals.

This current topic has had people second-guessing Southgate’s position as the England manager. Since their almost-win back in 2021, the public has questioned whether it is time for Southgate to move on and someone who is ready to replace him. Who knows? Will we have a new manager ready to go at the end of his 2024 contract? We will soon find out.

Formula 1

The world of Formula One hasn’t been any quieter this last week. As we saw Mercedes’ George Russell take home the number one spot, does this mean that the recent on-track disaster between Max and Lando mean their bromance is over? Let’s look at what happened last Sunday.

Over the course of this season, we have seen good friends, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris go head-to-head for the top spot in almost every race. They have formed such a loving friendship on and off track that the internet goes wild over. Viewers cannot believe that these rivals actually get on so well!

After Sunday’s race, this could change. On lap 64 out of 71, the finish line is getting within reach and what could’ve been another consistent podium moment for the two was no more! As Lando went to overtake, Max closed him off from the top spot which resulted in a collision, this meant George Russell could speed right through and take that top position.

Come back next week to find out what goes down at the British Grand Prix and the England match against Switzerland.

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