UEFA Confirms The UK And Ireland As The Euro 2028 Hosts! 

On Tuesday 10th October, we found out that the UK and Ireland will be the new Euro 2028 hosts! This has been extremely exciting news for us this week and it has been officially confirmed by UEFA that this will be the new place for the 2028 European Championship. 

The tournament has been officially scheduled for June and July 2028 and will take place in various stadiums across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Proposed stadiums include London, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, and more.  

There will be work that needs to be done on each stadium to make them safe and ready to go for the upcoming championships. From the Etihad Stadium to Everton Stadium, we will see lots of improvements to the selected stadiums. 

Wembley and St James’ Park are renowned stadiums for the Euro 96 games so it will be great to see them in participation again. 

The Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, released a statement earlier in October which featured the announcement of the Italian and Turkish Football Associations, FAs, submitting a joint bid in order to stage the UEFA European Championships in 2032. The answer is yet to be accepted or denied but the decision will be assessed and considered by the members of the executive committee.  

Mark Bullingham, the Football Association’s Chief Executive Officer, stated this was fantastic news for the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Men’s European Championship is promised to be a national event that leaves no area of the UK or Ireland untouched. They vow to include as many places as possible during the time of the event, which is great for all those who are football fans or want to show their city’s pride. 

It is looking like Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium will be one of the leading options for the opening ceremony and match. To close the championship, it is almost definite that they will host the semi-final and final games at Wembley Stadium in London.  

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