What A Weekend It Was for the Sports Fans!

If you have a few minutes to spare, let us catch you up to speed on the last 7 days of sports. So, let’s not waste time, sit down and enjoy!

Football – England V Denmark

What a nail-biting game it was last Thursday for England! After a frustrating 1-1 draw, England wasted their chance to easily secure their place in the knockout stages of this year’s Euros.

Harry Kane scored within the 18th minute leaving them plenty of time to score more goals, unfortunately this didn’t happen.

Denmark’s Morten Hjulmand scored a phenomenal 25-yard goal in the 34th minute, keeping the England players on their toes.

This was a pretty disappointing game with the result ending at 1-1.

If England want to continue competing in this European Championship, they must deliver a strong improvement when they go head-to-head with Slovenia this week.

Spanish Grand Prix – Hamilton Makes the Podium!

It’s about time! British driver, Lewis Hamilton has finally made it to the podium for the first time this season.

Last week, we saw our 20 world-class drivers go head-to-head in Barcelona, Spain for the Spanish Grand Prix. Although most say the Spanish GP isn’t the most exciting track, these drivers definitely kept our eyes peeled.

With Lando Norris starting in P1, dropping to 6th, then 1st for a split second, and then finishing the race in 2nd place, everyone had their eyes on McLaren this week.

Until Lewis Hamilton made his debut on the podium this season! The 7-time world champion did not give up, we saw him graft during this race to ensure that his spot on this week’s podium was secured.

Although it was 3rd place for the Mercedes, soon to be Ferrari, driver, you could see the wave of relief that overtook his persona.

It was a brilliant ending to this week’s Grand Prix, and we cannot wait to cover the next one!

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