The Battle for Manchester Derby Day Overview 

The recent derby day between Manchester United and Manchester City was an absolute thriller. It took place on October 29th at Old Trafford with the score ending 0-3 to Manchester City. Fans were left gripped at the edge of their seats because of the many ups and downs throughout the match. In this blog we will cover the highlights, drama, and intense rivalry plus a general overview of the game. 

Like all Derbys, tensions were extremely high with both teams hungry for a win. Within the 26th minute of the game the first goal was scored. The goal was scored by Manchester City’s Norwegian 6ft4 striker: Erling Haaland. Manchester City fans went crazy in the crowd as they could not have been happier with the first goal of the match. Before the penalty goal was conceded Manchester united goalkeeper, André Onana received a yellow card for wasting time and delaying Haaland’s spot-kick. 

No derby is complete without its fair share of drama and this game was no different. At the 42nd minutes, Manchester United Sofyan Amrabat and Manchester Citys Phil Foden go head-to-head with one another, resulting in a yellow card for both players. At half time Amrabat was swapped out for Mason Mount. During the half time both teams had time reflect on their performances and come up with a game plan to help execute that final win. 

Straight after half time at the 49th minute, Haaland came in again with another for Manchester City making it 2-0. Haaland now has as many goals this season as Manchester United do as a team. This is a troubling statistic for Ten Hag. Manchester United tried and tried to get a goal but unfortunately resulted in misses every time. With many more back and Forths between the two rivals, at the 80th minute Manchester City player Phil Foden came in with the third goal for City. The fans were ecstatic as they knew this was a clear win. At this point, Manchester United fans began to leave the stadium in shame of their clear defeat. 

This meant full time, the score was 0-3 to Manchester City. Although United tried, City remains victorious this time around. For the latest updates on sports news check out our other blogs. 

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