The Red Devils Winning Return: An Overview of Manchester United V.S. Crystal Palace  

After many losses and a rough start to the season, Manchester United came through with a well-deserved win. The Red Devils were able to score 3 goals against the opposing football team, Crystal Palace.  

These goals came from Alejandro Ganacho in the 21st minute, who has struggled to get minutes on the pitch so far this season, but he scored an incredible goal on Tuesday’s game. Shortly followed by Casemiro in the 27th minute and finishing with Anthony Martial scoring just after the second half began in the 55th minute. 

Here is the following overview and memorable moments from the match. The team showed off their skills and determination last night, leaving all fans gripped at the edge of their seats. As soon as the first whistle was blown, they dominated the pitch creating multiple scoring opportunities.  

Beyond any doubt, Casemiro was voted by the fans as the man of the match and rightly so, his dedication to the game was easily noticed by all fans nationwide. With every goal made came eruptions of fans screaming and cheering, the atmosphere was electric. The Cameroonian goalkeeper conceded 14 goals in his first 6 games for Manchester United; he is swiftly becoming a fan favourite.  

With game stats like a 90% accuracy passing and 7 shots that were on target, it is no wonder that Manchester United came through victorious this time around. Overall, Manchester United kept a clean sheet for the second time in a row, let’s see how long the squad can keep good luck streak this up.  

Noticeably, we must recognise and give credit to the other team, Crystal Palace, that put in fair play against Manchester United. Important stats of the game for them consist of 81% passing accuracy, 358 passes, and 2 shots on target. 

Now we are waiting to see if they can replicate the same performance at the next game which will commence on the 30th of September at Old Trafford Stadium (3 pm) versus Crystal Palace, will they steal the victory again? Stay tuned to find out more from We Talk Sport… 

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