Manchester United’s Latest Loss: An Overview of the Defeat. 

Yet again, Manchester United was faced with another loss this time against AFC Bournemouth. Fans across the globe are slowly starting to lose their patience with the team as losses are at an all-time high for the Mancunian football team. The game took place on Saturday the 9th of December at Old Trafford with the score ending 0-3 to AFC Bournemouth. Fans of the losing team have labeled the match as an ‘embarrassment’ and ‘humiliating’ with it being their 11th loss of this season. Let’s discuss some of the highlights and key events of this Premier League game. 

A nervy beginning for United early on, especially between United’s left-back Luke Shaw and Bournemouth’s forward player Dominic Solanke. 5-minutes in and the first goal was conceded by no other than Solanke himself. Old Trafford was stunned to see the visiting team score the first goal so early on. As the game went on Manchester United proved to have good possession of the ball by enjoying just under three-quarters of it! Around this time Bournemouth’s left midfielder, Marcus Tavernier was handed a yellow card after delaying time and therefore was booked for time wasting. Another yellow card was handed in the 30th minute but this time to Manchester’s United defender Sergio Reguilion. 

Halftime hits and the score was at 0-1 to Bournemouth. After United’s previous win against Chelsea, United fans were hopeful for a win but so far it was not looking good. The 68th minute was when the second goal was scored for Bournemouth by midfielder Phillip Billing. Just a couple minutes later the third and final goal of the game was scored. This time it was Marcos Sensi. Bournemouth was in a dreamland; fans went crazy in the crowd. Five extra minutes were added at the end, but this made no difference as AFC Bournemouth were victorious this time around. 

United must quickly recover from their defeat ahead of their must-win Champions League clash with Bayern Munich at Old Trafford on Tuesday. For updates on the latest sports news, be sure to check out our other blogs. 

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