Lewis Hamilton to Join Ferrari in 2025 

Huge news has recently surfaced in the world of Formula 1 this past week as British driver, Lewis Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari in 2025. This news has shocked fans across the globe, with some individuals excited about his new move and some devastated about his leave. For the latest on this news, keep on reading… 

Lewis Hamilton is a 39-year-old British racing driver who has achieved immense success in Formula 1. He has won multiple world championships and holds numerous records in the sport, including the most pole positions and the most wins. Hamilton is known for his exceptional speed, skill, and strategic racing tactics. Off the track, he is also an advocate for diversity and equality in motorsport. 

Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes was due to expire by the end of 2025, but instead he will be departing to Ferrari after this season. Fans have dubbed this as the biggest transfer in Formula 1 history! The sportsman spent 12 years of his life at Mercedes, so this is a huge move and a big deal for him. Unbelievably, Ferrari’s share price has jumped to over 7% since the announcement of Lewis joining the team in 2025, this equates to nearly a £4 billion increase, and this is all because of his move! 

Lewis is set to replace Carlos Sainz Jr, who is also a talented Formula 1 driver, in the latest transfer to Ferrari. Hamilton has come out and said, his move to Ferrari will fulfil his ‘childhood dream.’ Since the announcement, Lewis took to social media, where he expressed his enthusiasm to join Ferrari, but also stressed that it has not been an easy call to make. He paid his tributes to the team, where he has had many of his successes. 

It has been said through the grapevine this was a $466 million transfer! This eye watering salary would also include sponsors, image rights, and bonuses. Fans cannot wait to see what Hamilton brings to Ferrari and the Formula 1 scene in 2025. 

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