The Time Erling Haaland Scored Nine Goals in One Game 

After Erling Haaland’s latest impeccable performance at the most recent Luton Town vs. Manchester City match, where he scored five of the six goals, we thought it was only fitting to revisit the incredible time he scored 9 goals in one single match. The Manchester City forward has become quite the sensation when it comes to scoring goals for his team. Haaland has even broken the record for most goals in one season in all competitions by a Premier League player. So, grab your football and lace up your boots as we revisit the iconic moment when Erling Haaland scored 9 goals in one single match. 

It is no stranger to football fanatics the ridiculous goalscoring stats Haaland has accumulated over his football career, and the match that took place on May 30th, 2019, at the FIFA U-20 World Cup was no different. This game was between Norway and Honduras. Norway absolutely hammered Honduras, beating them 12-0 at the Under-20 FIFA World Cup. At the time, Erling was only 18 years old and had already set the tone for his football career. 

Here is the list of every goal he made at the minute it happened:  

  • Scored in the 7th minute. 
  • Scored in the 20th minute. 
  • scored in the 36th minute. 
  • Scored in the 43rd minute. 
  • Scored in the 50th minute. 
  • Scored in the 67th minute. 
  • Scored in the 77th minute. 
  • Scored in the 88th minute. 
  • Scored in the 90th minute. 

The player is now fully committed to football titan Manchester City. In his most recent game, which took place on Tuesday, February 27th Haaland scored 6 goals, making the team victorious once again. The future for Haaland is looking bright. His talent and skill on the field are truly remarkable. It is no wonder he has become such a sensation in the world of football in such a short amount of time. 

The next game he is set to play takes place on March 6th against FC Copenhagen. We can only wait in anticipation to see what performance he will give. For more blogs just like this one on the latest sports news, be sure to check out our others. 

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