Why Hasn’t it Worked Out for Sancho at Manchester United? 

Manchester United’s attacker, Jadon Sancho, has recently left his childhood football team on loan to Dortmund. Since he was a teen Sancho has played for Manchester United, after three years of being at the club he moved to Borussia Dortmund. After that, he then made his 74 million pound move back to United. Jadon has always had a constant back-and-forth switch between the two teams, but it looks like he is set to stay at Dortmund after his recent dispute with United’s Manager Eric Ten Hag. Since the transfer, Jadon has played exceptionally for his new team, contributing many assists and goals. 

In the past recent months, Manchester United have been extremely inconsistent with their game play. There is no equal balance between their wins and losses, they are just all over the place. Both fans and players of the team are frustrated with the inconsistency, and many put it down to the poor management done by Eric Ten Hag. Some players feel like his game plans are compromising their football abilities and skills and, it is the same case with Jadon Sancho. He is the type of player who thrives when he is confident, but in his most recent games with Manchester United, he seems to be lacking in confidence, which could explain and justify his performance. 

Others would argue that Jadon’s issue stems from his style of play. In the Premier League, athleticism is key, but Jadon is more of a technical player, so he therefore lacks that part. Regardless of if his performance is down to the manager’s strategies or his own gameplay, Sancho himself has come out and said he feels a connection with the fans at Dortmund and feels loved, appreciated and at home with the club. 

Fans can only hope Jadon will be happier after his move back to Borussia Dortmund and hopefully, he continues to thrive in his football career. For more blogs just like this one on the latest sporting news, please be sure to check out our other blogs, where you will find so much more! 

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