Three Secrets That Gyms Don’t Want You To Know About

The gym is a place of mystery and secrecy. In fact, some people believe that it’s hard to say what exactly goes on inside a gym that inspire people to attended to regularly. Here at We Talk Sport, we are tired of the façade surrounding the idea of attending the gym. Which is why we are going to use this blog to reveal some of the hidden secrets to do with both the gym and its industry.

•             Every year at the beginning of January, thousands of people sign up to the gym with the intention to shed weight as part of their new year resolution. Unfortunately, over 50% of people give up after three months. It is these individuals, and many more throughout the year, that gyms count on in order to earn their money. In reality, there wouldn’t be enough room if every single person who signed a 12-month contract continued to turn up.

•             With this said, it tends to be cheaper to pay per your visit to the gym due to the staggering amount of people who give up yet continue to pay their monthly fee despite not attending. In fact, research has found that the average gym goer pays around £300 per year and unless they attend every single day, it is likely that each session they actually go to ends up costing around £5-£10; compared to an average £4 charge to go in the gym without a membership.

•             It isn’t uncommon for gyms to have an on-site café or vending machine and it isn’t uncommon for people to become peckish after completing an intense workout. No matter how tempting it may be, you have to avoid the cravings and indulge in a snack at home. Not only are the café snacks at your sports centre overpriced, they are packed with sugar which completely contradicts your reason for working out. Unfortunately, gyms routinely place these around their centres in order to tempt you on the way out. It’s simply a question of willpower!

The team here at We Talk Sport are passionate about sport and fitness. For more sports news and fitness tips, check back with our blog next week!

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