A Guide for First Time Gym Joiners

Stepping into an environment you are new to is always scary however it’s especially terrifying when it is your first time. Many people think these statements are interchangeable however take this analogy – joining a new school or college is a scary prospect, however you have been inside an educational establishment before and therefore the location is somewhat familiar. You understand how things work to an extent and you become comfortable. On the other hand, stepping into a gym for the first time in your life can be terrifying, particularly if you have some extra weight to shed. You can feel out of place surrounded by the ‘experts’ and thoughts of running away back home consume your mind. Fret not! To celebrate the New Year here at We Talk Sport, we thought we’d put together this fairly simple guide for all you first time visitors to help you break the comfort zone and reclaim the gym as yours.

What to bring:

  • Many modern gyms offer lockers in their buildings for other items so that you can visits before or after your daily activities. Make sure to bring a pound coin for these which is returned after use.
  • A water bottle is a necessary item to bring, especially if you are new to exercising as you have to replace the lost water.
  • Headphones are not a required item however many people prefer to workout in their own space. Headphones offer privacy for those wishing to do this.

On Arrival:

  • First things first, head to the locker room and on your way there, look around for other areas you may interested in visiting in the future. After you have locked up any valuables, head to the gym area.
  • Depending on the focus of your workout, we recommend you start with cardio machines such as the treadmill, bikes and rowing machine to build up a sweat.
  • Many gyms may have a compulsory one to one session with a member of staff who shows you how to use machines. Do not be afraid of this. They are not there to judge you; they are there to ensure your safety.

Gym Etiquette:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask something, after all, the staff are there to help!
  • It is recommended to use a towel if you tend to sweat a lot. Simply place it across the weight machine you wish to use before using it.
  • Re-rack your weights and don’t leave them laying around after using them. It is only polite that you replace free weights where they go for the next person to use.

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