CONFIRMED! Daniel Ricciardo Will NOT Be Driving In The Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Team, Alphatauri, have confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo will be sitting out on another Grand Prix competition as he still recovers from a broken hand in a crash during the Dutch Grand Prix a few weeks back.

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo broke his metacarpal during the Dutch Grand Prix and has been in recovery since making him not able to currently take part in the races this season. The next race will take place in Singapore however despite him still being advised to not drive, he will be attending the race as part of the engineering team. 

Just two days after the crash, he went in for surgery and has been healing well. His temporary replacement within the Redbull team was given to Liam Lawson. It is rumoured that he should be ready to race again in early October. 

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, has recently addressed the situation and the severity of the situation. Speaking after Ricciardo’s surgery it was said that the break was clean and he just needs a few more check-ups and maybe another operation to tidy up anything that could jeopardise his recovery so far. 

Then of course he will have to take it easy and ease his way back into racing. Although this has been a setback for his attendance in the last few races, this has given Ricciardo the chance to relax and prepare for his comeback. 

The Australian driver has won the Grand Prix eight times and is in high demand for a seat in the 2024 season and we are sure he is very much looking forward to returning to AlphaTauri.

The next Grand Prix race will take place in Singapore, Japan on Sunday, September 17th and fans will be available to watch the race and highlights on all usual channels, Sky Sports and Channel 4. The official social media pages will also cover all important updates and news as soon as they happen over on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

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