Chelsea Football Club Are in Trouble

The famous Chelsea football club are facing major issues at the moment. The club have been hit with massive problems due to the recent events in Ukraine. Roman Abramovic was forced to hand over his ownership of Chelsea to the trustee charity in late March for his links to Vladamir Putin’s regime. Abramovic made the decision to sell Chelsea roughly two weeks ago now and manager Thomas Tuchel said “It’s very hard for me. It hasn’t sunk in yet that It’s going to stop. It is a massive change of course.” Chelsea fans have recently showed support at recent games by chanting the ex-owners name during matches, however Tuchel has stated in an interview that it isn’t the right time to show support, with the current events happening in Ukraine.

Chelsea are currently facing huge bans and restrictions, including having a total of £20,000 to spend on away day travel. As well as this, Chelsea will only be able to have season ticket holders attending their games, as they are not allowed to profit from ticket sales. Bank accounts have also been frozen meaning they are not able to buy any players and even worse for them, renew existing players contracts. If Chelsea can’t find a sale for themselves soon, we could be seeing huge issues in the next few months for the existing world champions.

Here are a few potential buyers of the club:

The Swiss-led Consortium

As soon as the club went up for sale, this Swiss-led Consortium emerged as the first serious candidate. The Swiss billionaire confirmed he had been offered the chance to own the club. However, he would need several investors alongside him.

The Ricketts Family

The Ricketts Family own the baseball team Chicago Cubs and have a huge network of wealth and supposedly have connections with The Raine Group, the bank entrusted with selling the club.

Nick Candy

Nick Candy was a boyhood Chelsea fan and is a British property developer. He has stated he is keen on having the club in “safe hands” and has set himself on putting a group together to finance it.

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