The Fifa Team of The Year

Over the past week Fifa announced their chosen Team of The Year. This is usually met with some very mixed opinions by football fans, as those who are not part of the Fifa community see no point in the award and see it as just an extra pat on the back to the awarded players and that it is useless. However, those in the Fifa community meet this time with a lot of excitement as this means they have the chance to get amazing in game cards to use in their teams as well as hoping to see their supported clubs having some included players.

The chosen 11 this year however, wasn’t what people were expecting, especially with Chelsea Midfielder Jorginiho being included. Towards the build-up of Team of The Year there was constant talk in the Fifa community that Jorginiho didn’t deserve to be in the TOTY, as people felt he was overrated and would only be in it as he had won the Champions League and Euros, with not having as much of a part in their victories as a Team of The Year player maybe should have. Paris Saint Germain’s Right back Archaf Hakimi was also under the spotlight with others feeling another Liverpool players was robbed out of a spot in Trent Alexander – Arnold.

This might be where The Fifa Team of The Year is frowned upon outside of the Fifa Community, as those who do not play see no point in using players cards and why there is such a buzz around it. However, with the constant growth of Fifa, their Team Of The Year is being picked up a lot more around the footballing world, as there was even a debate on Sky Sports, where Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher discussed who they would choose in their 11.

The 11 that made it into the Fifa Team Of The Year are:

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Gk)
Achraf Hakimi (Rb)
Marquinhos (Cb)
Ruben Dias (Cb)
Joao Cancelo (Lb)
N’golo Kante (Cdm)
Kevin De Bruyne (Cm)
Jorginiho (Cm)
Lionel Messi (Rw)
Mbappe (St)
Robert Lewandoski (St)

The final team was met with some controversy, as some people believed players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah should have been included.

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