F1 2021 Championship to be decided at Abu Dhabi

After a crazy season, the winner of the driver’s championship is to be decided this coming Sunday at the Abu Dhabi track between Dutch Max Verstappen and British Sir Lewis Hamilton. Both drivers are on 369.5 points, but Sir Lewis Hamilton is hoping to grab his 8th world title off the back of 3 race victories. Which brings himself back into the title race when all thought it was over. Lewis is looking extremely dangerous going into the final race of the season!

Lewis drove one of the best races we have seen at the Sau Paulo Grand Prix two races ago, after picking up a disqualification for having an illegal rear wing, and then was set to start the sprint race last! He drove a storm in the sprint race, going all the way from last on the grid to 5th place! Then, due to an engine penalty with his 5-place grid penalty, he started 10th in the race on the Sunday. Once again, he stormed through the grid up into second where he met fellow title contender Max Verstappen who was sitting in P1. After many laps of racing, with some controversial defending from the Dutch driver, Lewis got the best of him and cruised off into the distance, finishing the race with a whopping 10 second gap to Verstappen.

The past weekend teed up the race for the upcoming Sunday rather nicely, as it had its fair share of battles on the track between the two, with Verstappen getting handed two penalties due to leaving the track and gaining a position and an advantage. The race was also met with more controversy when Max was told to let Lewis pass due to an illegal overtake. There was some gameplay going on as Max was looking to let Lewis past before the DRS to pick up an advantage on the straight, however according to the FIA it was deemed Max had brake checked Lewis whilst letting him past and the two made contact.

All is to play for this Sunday, and you will not want to miss the grand finale on these two and their fight for the championship for the 2021 season!

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